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ritar vrla battery manufacturer

ritar power, the safe and intelligent power. provide vrla batteries for for all kinds of industrial applications like solar systems, ups, telecom, data centers, rail transit, motive vehicles, and forklifts etc.

reserve power battery

long design life, low self-discharge rate, good high rate discharge performance, and wide operation temperature range

  • ft series
    front terminal vrla batteries
  • hr series
    high rate discharge vrla batteries
  • rt series
    agm vrla batteries from 1.3ah to 28ah
  • ra series
    agm vrla batteries from 33ah to 260ah
  • rl series
    agm 2v series vrla batteries from 200ah to 3000ah
  • ht series
    high-temperature vrla batteries


telecom system, fire & alarm system, emergency system, power tools, medical equipment, ups/eps, solar inverter/controller

  • ups

  • control system

  • solar energy

  • emergency light

  • electric power

  • telecom

  • medical

  • electric tools

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