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ritar vrla battery manufacturer

ritar power, the safe and intelligent power. produce the vrla battery for solar, deep cycle application, telecom, e-vehicle, ups ,inverter, forklift etc.

reserve power battery

long design life, low self-discharge rate, good high rate discharge performance, and wide operation temperature range

  • ft series
    front terminal vrla batteries
  • hr series
    high rate discharge vrla batteries
  • rt series
    agm vrla batteries from 1.3ah to 28ah
  • ra series
    agm vrla batteries from 33ah to 260ah
  • rl series
    agm 2v series vrla batteries from 200ah to 3000ah
  • ht series
    high-temperature vrla batteries


telecom system, fire & alarm system, emergency system, power tools, medical equipment, ups/eps, solar inverter/controller

  • ups

  • control system

  • solar energy

  • emergency light

  • electric power

  • telecom

  • medical

  • electric tools

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